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Introducing «EasyEdit»

«EasyEdit» is a light-weight Content Manage System (CMS) that lets you control your web content, any time, anywhere (even if you are a 'non-techie').


«EasyEdit» sites are professionally designed for people wanting to keep their content up-to-date in the most cost-effective way possible. YOU TOO can own an «EasyEdit» website...

This site was built using the «EasyEdit» CMS.

Its purpose is twofold:

  • To showcase the features and capabilities of an «EasyEdit» site, hopefully encouraging small organizations and individuals who are looking for a simple web solution.
  • To serve as a reference for our existing clients, showing how to achieve the right effect on their own «EasyEdit» sites.

Feel free to explore the sections below for a brief overview, or visit the Documentation and FAQ pages for more detailed explanations.



There's a lot on offer!


The following features let you easily create a rich web experience for your visitors...

You Don't Need to Know HTML!

If you can use a word processor or text editor (Notepad, TextEdit, etc.) you can maintain your «EasyEdit» site.

«SimpleMarkup» is a highly intuitive text-like markup language that lets you concentrate on the words and nothing else.

Via a simple online form, you enter text and upload image files etc. to create a varied and accessible site.

«EasyEdit» takes care of the rest, generating valid XHTML for you.

(By the way, even if you do know HTML, «EasyEdit» ignores it).

Words, Images, Video, Audio...

The basic ingredients of any website, you simply enter your textual content via the online form using «SimpleMarkup». You can also add images, Flash videos, MP3 audio, and any other arbitrary files to your site via the same form.

Mailer Form

As standard, a user-friendly, SPAM-resistant online mailer form is included on your site. See the Contact page for an example.

You can prevent SPAM by supplying an email address, where messages reach an 'auto-responder' that sends a reply supplying your 'real' address. This measure ensures that the original sender was a human and not an automated 'spambot'.

When a visitor uses the email form, the message is sent directly to your real address, which need not appear on your site.

If you don't have an email account (where have you been?) we'll provide you with one!

Free Hosting!

All websites must have their files stored somewhere - so that Internet users may find them...

We take care of that for you in our basic package at no extra cost.

Offline Version of Your Site

You can take a 'snapshot' of your site any time and and burn the contents onto a CDROM.

The result is a fully functional offline version of your site, handy for mailshots. It also provides a useful back-up of your precious content.

Extra features can also be separately commissioned.



Here are just some of the highlights, which might make an «EasyEdit» site the best web solution for you...


(And we've probably forgotten a few more besides).


When you deal with s1webmedia, you can be sure of a professional, efficient and friendly service.

If you are not a web professional, we don't recommend that you make a DIY website. After all, if you want a central heating system, do you buy the pipes, boiler and radiators yourself, or do you hire a plumber?


To take control of your web content, all you have to do is know how to upload files and paste a few lines of «SimpleMarkup» into a form on a web page (see 'A Short Tutorial' on the Documentation page).


Rather than contact s1webmedia every time you want to change the smallest detail of your site (change in your price-list, latest product, etc.), you can do this yourself from anywhere on the planet (perhaps at the airport?), whenever you need.

Web Standards

By keeping to the standards (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_standards) you ensure that your site is 'future-proof', as well as more accessible to handicapped users - remember, you want to welcome as many visitors as possible to your site!

Not many websites achieve this simple goal. In our experience, maybe less than 5% validate to the standards.

Search Engine Friendly

'Search Engine Optimization' (SEO) is a buzzword in the web design industry. And it costs.

Adhering to the standards helps search engines like www.google.com find your site.

We take equal care when designing your site to ensure that it contains the right 'keywords' (in the right places). To make you site as findable as possible.


Maintaining a website can be an expensive business. This hidden cost is rarely mentioned by our competitors. Even changing the smallest detail on your site can cost upwards of £100. It adds up.

When you have the means to do this for yourself, you will make significant savings.

All you pay is an amazingly good-value initial set-up fee, plus a (modest) annual renewal fee.

If you're convinced of these obvious benefits, proceed to the Ordering Page to find out how you find a quick and painless web solution...



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